• Packages start at $12,000

    The type of investment needed will depend on how many truck beds you anticipate lining each week. Contact a Rhino Linings Sales Representative to learn more about the different packages we offer.

  • No

    Rhino Linings is a not a franchise. All businesses are independently owned and operated. In addition to operational freedom, Rhino Linings provides all authorized customers free marketing support. This means you don’t pay franchise fees or marketing royalties, ever.

  • Rhino Linings is the #1 spray on truck bed liner brand

    Our competitors shrink under the Rhino Linings brand. The other truck bed liner companies simply don’t have the resources to match our brand and marketing power.

    Rhino Linings supports your business with:

    Brand Leadership:

    Rhino Linings introduced the nation’s FIRST truck bed liner in 1988. Now, a quarter century later, the Rhino Linings brand is a household name. Your customers don’t ask for a sprayed-on liner, they ask for a Rhino liner.

    Free Lead and Marketing Support:

    Our unmatched lead generation program directs customers to your business’ doorstep all year long. Rhino Linings sends more than 107,000 email leads and more than 118,000 calls to our retailers every year.

    Free Nationwide Advertising:

    Rhino Linings advertises in top consumer magazines. In addition, you can spot Rhino Linings on popular television shows and national networks, including MTV, the Pursuit Channel, DIY Network, Discovery Channel and more. Best of all, this nationwide marketing exposure is free to you. Read more about our marketing support


    On-Site Training:

    Rhino Linings provides comprehensive technical and safety training programs. We come to your shop and provide hands-on instruction ensuring your staff understands how to estimate jobs, maintain machines and more. In addition, your designated regional account manager provides you and your team with ongoing technical and sales support.

    Shorter Transit Times

    Our 11 warehouses in North America ensure a speedy delivery.

    No Fees

    All Rhino Linings businesses are independently owned and operated. That means you’ll never be forced to pay franchise or marketing fees.

  • Recommended minimum of 1,000 sq. ft.

    You do not need an expensive spray booth to install Rhino Linings products. In order to bring Rhino Linings on, you simply need to ventilate the application area and must meet standard safety requirements.

    The minimum 1,000 sq. ft. application space requirement includes space for application and prep area. A separate room to house your equipment is recommended.

  • Lead Generation, Local Support, Free Nationwide Advertising

    Rhino Linings offers an unmatched lead generation program that directs customers to your doorstep all year long. Our lead referral websites attract more than 1.1 million live visitors and deliver more than 107,000 emails and 118,000 phone calls to our retailers every year. Read more about our expert marketing program

  • 3 Day On-Site & Ongoing

    Rhino Linings provides training and ongoing support for all our retailers. You will receive on-site, personal training on how to use Rhino® equipment, apply Rhino Linings, bid on jobs and more. Read more about our training support

  • Yes – unlimited color options

    Though the standard Rhino Linings black is our most popular, Rhino Linings protective coatings come in virtually any color. We are even able to custom pigment to match your customer’s color specifications and/or truck.

  • You can be up and running within 1-2 months

    Becoming an authorized Rhino Linings retailer is an easy process. We’ll walk you through every step of the way. We’ve seen approved facilities up and running as early as 1-2 months. Get Started

  • Third-party financing available

    Rhino Linings does not offer in-house financing. However, we do work closely with select lending companies and assist you in acquiring financing for your Rhino Linings truck bed liner business. Our sales team is available to walk you through each step of the financing process. Email or call 1-800-747-6966.

  • Some experience recommended

    Becoming a business owner and executive can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, being the executive also means you’re the one who has to make the tough decisions. We generally recommend having some prior business experience or education before starting your Rhino Linings truck bed liner business. If you’re willing to work hard and believe you have what it takes, Rhino Linings is here to guide you through every step of the way. We have valuable insight on what it takes to be a success and want to see you thrive.

  • Unlimited

    All Rhino Linings businesses are independently owned and operated. As an independent business, you’re free to set your own prices. With Rhino Linings unmatched marketing support and your business sense, the sky is the limit.