Training Support

Rest easy knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful Rhino Linings business.

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Technical Training

We make sure your shop and spray booth are safe and designed for optimal performance.

Rhino Linings provides comprehensive technical and safety training programs with hands-on instruction. Depending upon your package, a Rhino Linings technical representative will visit your shop and spend one or three days instructing you and your staff on best Rhino Linings application and business practices.

Business Training

“How much to get my truck Rhino’ed?” – A question you’ll hear time and time again, if you haven’t already. Your Rhino Linings account manager will provide a few pointers on how to bid on every day truck bed liners and more complex projects like fleet, emergency vehicles and more.

As always, our password protected applicator website is full of sales, marketing and technical tools ready for your download.


Copyright © 2014 Rhino Linings Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

On-going Support

Have general spray technique questions or need help solving a perplexing machine error? The Rhino Linings technical team and your regional account manager are at your service. Get the help you need by phone, email, or face-to-face.

We are dedicated to your success, every step of the way.

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